Private services

Private services may be covered by your workplace insurance cover, or you may simply have to pay out of pocket for the service. Private health services in Finland are provided by large private health companies. You can find private psychotherapy services with private practitioners using the directory and book directly with the therapist or psychologist.  You do not need a referral for a private psychologist or psychotherapist in Finland when you are paying the cost yourself.


Many foreign-language speaking psychotherapists and psychologists can be found on the search engine Minduu. You can choose your location and also request certain languages.

Private Health Services

You can also use private health care companies in Finland to see a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. You can see a doctor or psychiatrist to get medication. Psychologists in Finland usually help with psychological testing, or they provide occupational psychology services. Psychotherapists are also available in private health care companies.

Some companies in Finland include:




For children, this paediatric health care company offers psychological and psychiatric help if needed:



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